Guide to convert PSD to WordPress theme in a professional manner

psd to wp ThemeIt has become highly important these days to create a website that is able to attract customers or users as well as retain them on the website. But, can you think of a HTML website to get popular among the users these days?

Well, you can’t just create websites from PSD to an HTML website and expect for some extraordinary results or number of clients from that website.

What you all need is to make an impact on the people with a great website! That amazing website is created with PSD to WP Conversion by every means. We are so sure about this way because we have created hundreds of WordPress websites and we have witnessed the businesses thriving just because they used WordPress as the CMS.

What makes the whole difference is the selection of CMS from the available ones. There are so many website development platforms and it can become really difficult to choose the best. But, to make the things easier, you can read the benefits of choosing WordPress over other CMS.

Factors that lead to successful website and business:

It matters a lot that the factors of a successful website are kept in mind because it is ultimately the successful website that leads to business boost. If a website is not able to give a good user-experience, then the chances are that the users will not like to use the website which will impact the business in the negative way.

●User-interface of the website should be extraordinary.
●Functionalities and features should be unique and creative.

So, you already have the ingredients of a successful website, let’s work towards converting PSD to WordPress theme.

Step: 1 Designing the elements of a website in Adobe Photoshop:

Adobe Photoshop is the most widely used designing and imaging tool that is used by the professional website designers to create customized designs. It has been a revolution in the IT industry and since more than 20 years, there has not been any amazing choice as compared to Adobe Photoshop which is used to create PSD files of the designs or the wireframe of the website.

Here are some of the elements that are needed to get the website created and get it onto the development process.

● Logo designing:
● Background designing:
● Icons and Navigation:
● Website elements:

Step 2. Reviewing the design files of PSD:

In the first step, we talked about the designing of the website PSD files. In the 2nd step, the website designer ought to check and review the website design files in PSD. It is a crucial step as any neglect in this step can be very dangerous in future for the website. This is mandatory in order to give pleasant user-experience to the user of the website. When the design elements are designed in PSD, you can straight go on with PSD to wp conversion when you hire a professional for the website designing and development.

● Checking the responsiveness of the WordPress website.
● User-friendly website for all devices and platforms.
● Well-planned website with site map
● Easy scanning of the website in short time.
● Fast loading of the website for shorter wait times.
● Cross-browser compatibility of the website.
● Good color combination and scheme of the website.
● User-friendly navigation
● Form page should be perfect

Step 3. Revise the design elements for any changes:

The secret to optimization and improvement is to constantly check your work, make repairs, change the elements you need, and make improvements. The same principle applies to the design of your website, whether you create a website or create a website for your customers. Next Repair the PSD file as needed before conversion – converted to WordPress.

Step 4: Slicing is the key to PSD to wp conversion process

Generally, the entire process PSD to wp conversion is a convertible HTML and CSS file format that matches the file structure of a typical WordPress theme site with elements of a PSD file. You can do this by using conversion tools and utilities, or you can perform the conversion process yourself manually. But, hiring a WordPress developer is always the best decision for your business website.

Literally, it means that the area in which the term is cut into the “slice”, basically this is done in this process step – cut design files can be divided into one design component. This is because WordPress handles each design element as a separate network element. Graphics and image processing tools and applications are used to separate these elements.

In Photoshop, each design element can be placed in separate layers and a separate layer, it can be treated separately by simply separating them. Some WordPress models include the following web elements:

● Backgrounds and Other Visual Elements
● Headers and Separators
● Footers and Others

Step 5: Creating the Index.html and the Style.css:

Each of these “slices” or individual PSD elements is converted into one file in HTML or XHTML format. Then set the style with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). One can use software and applications that can be used to create HTML and CSS files, but what is commonly used is Composer (open source) and Dreamweaver (paid).

If you want more information about creating HTML and CSS files, the following helpful resources will tell you the right path.

● Trusted Resources to learn more about CSS are as following:

1. W3Schools – If you are a web developer, this site had a lot of coding examples and an online translation, it is a great resource for learning CSS programming.

2. TutsPlus – Get free HTML and CSS programming software for free on this site.

3. Basic CSS – This site is ideal for beginners who want to learn the basics of CSS.

4. Mozilla – A developer site, you can get a guide and step-by-step tutorial using open source Mozilla Firefox.

5. WordPress community – Get a comprehensive and complete guide to CSS coding offered by the WordPress community.

● Creating a WordPress theme file structure:

Once the index.html file is complete, you can share it with different file structures that form the standard WordPress theme for the complete process.

General WordPress themes PHP files are as following:

● archive.php
● header.php file
● footer.php
● index.php
● single.php
● page.php file
● sidebar.php
● Category.php
● search.php
● 404.php
● comments.php
● comment – popup.php

Adding WordPress embedded function tag to the theme file:

Each theme file has certain functions and uses. WordPress makes it easy to activate these features by simply adding WordPress embedded tags to these files.

For more information about these features and tags, see the following resources provided by WordPress:

Activity Reference – An example is given of a detailed explanation and reference of each function.

Template Tab – Provides a complete list of all WordPress feature tags and their descriptions.

When these tags are added to the file, they are put together in one thematic folder that is part of the WordPress installation. These theme files can be started from the WordPress dashboard.

Adding advanced features:

Theme files provide the basic functions of the WordPress platform. If you need more functionality to perform certain tasks or functions, you can use extensions or add extensions that can be set and activated through the WordPress Dashboard.

5. Installation, adding content, testing WordPress theme:

Once the WordPress theme file is complete and marked correctly, you can install WordPress from the host resource and then activate the theme and start the customization. The WordPress installation process is very simple and you can learn from When the theme is activated, add extra content to each page and section. If each element is displayed and executed as intended, it will be tested.

6. Launching website after adding content:

Once everything is set correctly and each element is functionally tested, you can add the appropriate content to the new WordPress theme before you can launch it for your audience and customers.


WordPress is a very convenient and easy-to-use website development platform and hiring a WordPress developer for PSD to wp conversion is the best decision that the business owner can ever take. Many business owners and digital marketers can use WordPress CMS to create a highly effective website for their brand and business. With WordPress features, they can take advantage of Photoshop design tool to improve their business identity in the market as well as create a highly effective and visually appealing website that promotes and boosts their business.

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