Automated iOS App Testing Tools Every iPhone Apps Developer Should Know

app testingApp testing is most important and critical phase of app development cycle in order to help you find bugs before your release your app. And lately automated app testing has gained traction in the market because it reduces the chances of human error during test execution and is extremely time saving in repetitive testing phases.

As an iPhone apps developer you need to knowAppium

Appium is one of the most popular automated testing tool available for iOS apps mainly because it is an open source cross platform tool available for both iOS and Android. Unlike many other tools, Appium comes with multiple language support for Java, Ruby, C#, Javascript, PHP, Node, Python, Objective-C and few others from web-driver library. It runs like a web server in background hosted by Node server and a suitable choice for native, hybrid and web apps.


Support for Multiple Languages
Doesn’t Need Access to Source Code
Uses WebDriver interface for running tests
Allows use of any testing framework
Support for emulators as well real device
Does not need installation of anything else on the device
Can be setup easily on a different platform


Calabash is also an open testing platform that is available for both iOS and Android apps. It is backed by Cucumber that is responsible which enables to express behavior of the app in natural English language implementing BDD (Behavior driven development). The testing statements in cucumber are written as different scenarios. These statements have to be defined only once but can be repeated multiple times when required in different scenarios.


Large and enthusiastic community support
Statements written in English-like language that are easy to understand
Supports gesture control like tap, swipe, pinch and rotate
Cross platform development support


Frank is premium automated testing tool available for iOS exclusively. It is similar to Calabash in a sense that both these tools use test scenarios written in English-like statements supported by Cucumber framework. It offers same advantages as Calabash.


Lightweight, UI based automation tool
Easy to understand English-like statements
Runs tests on both Simulator and Device
Large community


KIF stands for Keep it Functional and is an open source Objective C based framework that is purely for iOS testing. Kif is an automation framework that integrates directly with XCTests. It can be used when business folk are not involved in writing or reading test specs.


Has active community and support
Accesses UI elements by their accessibility labels
One language support with Objective C making it easier for pure iOS developers to pickup.

Impressive command line and CI


Mobile Development Dubai – Testdroid is a cloud-based mobile app testing tool with solid mobile game testing platforms for Android and iOS. It is fastest means for testing the app for different hardware platforms, screen resolution and operating systems. It is a premium plans with prices ranging $499 to $4999 per month according to requirements.

Flexible Pricing as per requirements
Saves in-app development costs
Minimizes risk with real devices and agile testing
Reduces operational and unpredictable costs
Improves App rating and daily active users

This is selection of automated tools available for iPhone apps developer to allow external testers to test their apps. We know testing is not an easy task, specifically due to advanced features, and higher expectations of end users. If you are an app entrepreneur or business organization seeking an app, consult our team of consisting of advanced iOS app developers and app testers.

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