Major iOS App Development Issues and Challenges in 2019

IOS DevelopmentToday is an era of mobility and digitalization. Billions of people around the world now use mobile phones and mobile apps on everyday basis to do so many of their day today tasks. Apple was the first to launch a smartphone in the market with the name iPhone way back in 2007. Although Android based phones gave it a good competition but Apple still remains the most sought after personal mobile device especially among the millennials in spite of constant debates and a war between iOS and Android. Android mobile phone manufacturers had a tough time competing with the features provided by iPhone, which has, without any doubt best and most sophisticated smartphone in the market and literally revolutionized the lives of so many people around the world. In line with the strategy to keep releasing new versions, iOS 12 was launched by Apple in September last year i.e. in 2018. This trend of Apple of regularly releasing newer versions of iOS has kept the iOS application developers on their toes ever since iOS was launched first time.

Now we come to the the issues or challenges faced during iOS app development by iOS app developers. Why we need to discuss these? It is because iOS is used in many devices like phones, watches, TVs and iPads and it is being updated constantly year after year hence it is not surprising if iOS developers face some issues or challenges while doing iOS app development and if they get to know them early here then obviously they will be able to resolve them in a better way. Swift programming language is taking place of Objective C as the prime language to develop iOS apps which also may be leading to some issues for developers if they are new to it.

Let’s now discuss the list of issues or challenges, iOS developers face while doing iOS app development.

Getting iOS App Store Approvals for the iOS Apps

There are so many businesses which want to build their iOS apps to represent their businesses but they should be aware of the fact that the applications cannot be released instantly as soon as they are developed. An approval is required from the Apple App Store which is not an easy task for the developers. There are so many specific regulations, processes and guidelines that Apple has set up and abiding by them is not easy. The developers have to make sure that they give Apple no reason whatsoever to reject their app. It is also important that the companies remain updated with the rules, as Apple keeps on changing them regularly.

Maintaining App Compatibility with the Changing iOS Versions

Although there are lesser compatibility issues with Apple as compared to Android as there are lesser Apple and iOS devices than number of Android Phone manufacturers but still it is something which is not that easy and needs lots of work from developers and testers. Application support for the specific iOS versions needs to be determined and things to be worked out how to adopt for newer and older iOS versions. This will help in maximizing the number of users the app will be effectively able to support. It is important that each iOS application is compatible with the corresponding gadgets like iPhone, iPad, iPod or Apple Watch. The real test for iOS developers comes while selecting the perfect device for testing the app from large variety of Apple gadgets available in the market. Application testing on these devices is highly recommended to find out possible issues.

Handling Battery Life Challenges

It has been seen that one of the key issue for many iOS app users is the unsatisfied performance of certain apps especially in terms of battery consumption. Hence it is an important issue for iOS app developers to be dealt with. Businesses which want to remain popular with users need to develop such iOS apps which do not compromise on performance and are not heavy consumers of battery life. This applies to all of the iOS gaming apps as this is a major issue among them. Handling battery life is a daunting task and real innovation is needed to deal with it so that performance of applications can be improved.

Handling Memory and Storage Limitations

Handling memory and storage limitation on the iPhones is also a common issue faced by iOS developers. There are several iOS devices which have lesser memory or when the user installs many games or applications into his device then it can take lots of space and in such cases the user may be unable to use or install the new iOS app even if the latest iOS version is supported by the phone. Hence the iOS developers need to take care of this challenge during the iOS app development process itself so that the app takes least possible memory space.

Ensuring iOS Application Security

The security of the iOS application and its data is one of the most important thing to be dealt with. Organizations must guarantee application security and user privacy. Lack of data encryption is not a good sign. To prevent hacking attempts, iOS developers need to think innovatively and build a powerful technical security layer which cannot be breached to make sure their iOS apps are hacking proof. This is not an easy task and requires creative thinking, proper planning and solid pragmatic approach.

Ensuring iOS App Performance in Low-Speed Networks

Although in current time network speed is not a major issue as most of the smartphone users are now enjoying 3G, 4G or even 5G network connections having faster internet speed. But still there could be possible concerns for certain video downloads, streaming services or any other feature that consumes large amount of data in the app. Hence Data checks need to be strategized and can be performed by application optimization so that the iOS app developed by the developer never face such an issue when it consumes excess amount of internet data.

Developing an iOS App with Appropriate UI and UX

The iOS developers when designing and developing the iOS apps should keep in mind about the preferences, requirements and the convenience of the target audience while also considering the fact that there is a constant change happening in the design and navigation trends in the market which also needs to be followed. App developers are required to work with multiple varieties of designs as recommended by Apple guidelines.

Building Future Proofing Applications

As Apple keeps on releasing newer iOS versions hence the iOS developers need to have that kind of vision and capabilities to think what could be the next big thing in the new iOS version so that they keep the iOS apps they are developing matching the latest features in iOS. This is not easy as it is an unpredictable task. Only highly experienced and innovative developers who have significant insights into Apple products and the line of thinking would be able to do this.

Developing Cross-Platform Applications
So many companies in the market are moving beyond remaining loyal to only a single platform and therefore they are busy developing cross platform applications which work seamlessly on all of the platforms including iOS, Android and Windows. More number of users too are preferring such apps. For an enterprise willing to invest in app development, it is important that the app is easily accessible over a multitude or devices and smartphones having different platforms and operating systems. Hence the iOS app developers need to have the knowledge of such cross platform app development tools and technologies in the market.


There are large number of issues and challenges faced by iOS developers on daily basis. We have tried to explain about some of them in this article. To tackle these issues, you have to update your technical skills regularly and release regular updates for the iOS apps which you have developed. You also have to keep yourself updated with the latest happenings and news around the Apple releases and iOS trends in the market which you can do by joining various research groups, discussions and blogs related to iOS development. As you will gain more experience you will be able to handle and address most of these iOS app development issues easily.